Solar Street Lights

Solar Energy Solutions have come to acquire great significance in the recent past. In fact optimum utilization of solar energy marks utilization of the most vital energy source in the region.

ARC International is founded in order to provide services for Energy and water solutions and comprise of professional experienced team in designing and installation of PV Solar systems at commercial, domestic and industrial.

ARC International is a one of the leading design company as well as has ample experience for the implementation in the field of renewable energy. The growing needs of energy sector globally motivated ARCI Management to contribute its resources towards designing & developing green energy solutions for consumers at all levels. The core values at ARCI to provide innovative, cost effective and quality solutions were adhered to with an ambition to develop unique expertise in this field.

In order to meet the increasing demand of Solar Energy in Pakistan a separate company ARCI is established in January 2016 and a lot of projects throughout the country are now being executed by professional team of ARCI.

ARCI has all those personals who have worked earlier with professional organizations in all sorts of solar energy projects including Solar Homes Systems, Solar Street Lighting systems, Solar water pumping systems.

The ARCI has focused on Renewable Energy Solutions and has become a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of both grid connected and standalone PV installations.

The ARCI provides entire range of solar system packages scalable to user requirement and a comprehensive technical support to the customers/dealers & installers. Solar solutions are being effectively implemented at all scales throughout Pakistan.

All projects done are monitored rigorously for system reliability. ARCI has built-up a network of accredited installers who are fully trained to install Solar PV systems.Already hundreds of our systems around Pakistan are turning Sunlight into clean and reliable energy.

We anticipate that this number will keep on growing at an enormous rate courtesy excellent response from our valued clients.