Solar Power Optimizer System

ARCI have introduced first time in Pakistan a leading renowned international brand of Tigo Energy USA in Pakistan who are the designer and manufacturer of PV Module power optimizer and remote monitoring system for solar system in any remote location throughout in Pakistan.

The Tigo Energy is globally recognized organization and one of the world’s leading system producers and supplier. The Tigo Electric is a monitoring equipment manufacturer, dedicated to providing to clients with high-end technology products and integration solutions.

Tigo Energy provides module level monitoring for unprecedented accuracy and insight into PV systems. The software shows module level performance and helps to easily identify problems such as diode failure, soiling or wiring faults. This seamless O&M and improves ROI.

Smart Modules Provide:

  • No more boxes, fast installation
  • Unrivaled bank ability
  • Smart curve, enables 30% longer strings
  • Module-level monitoring, reduced O&M and commissioning costs
  • Increased energy harvest and system up time for proven ROI

Module-Level Monitoring

Tigo Energy’s monitoring software manages utility, commercial, and residential PV arrays, giving system owners unprecedented visibility into module performance. System analytics track production, send alerts and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency and uptime. For increased safety, the monitoring portal can remotely power-off each module individually, eliminating high voltage for maintenance or safety purposes.